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Exodia - SIEM / SOC Services

Many organizations are having a hard time keeping up with the fast pace of the security world. Decision makers in the IT world often choose to deal with cyber threats by adding additional layers of protection. This is indeed the right approach, but it entails a significant challenge that is often not taken into account to enable control and monitoring 

EXODIA is managed SIEM / SOC service for locating and managing information security events.


Gap assessment

As new cyber threats and sophisticate attacks are introduced daily, it is important to perform a gap assessment of your IT infrastructure in order to assesses the security posture of the organization with respect to the actual treats.


We do quality gap assesment much faster and cost effective than the traditional approach.
Our consultants achieve this by combining their advanced technical skills with the power of dedicated toolset.


Incident response

​If you experience unusual activity in your network or know that your organization was hacked, it is not enough to get back to business as fast as possible, but also have a good and deep understanding of the events that led to this situation.


In order to be able to mitigate and fix the vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks, it is important to have an incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization.

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